Our story

Our mission is to provide authentic solutions to the problems facing school leaders. Current, compliant and comprehensive, our articles, templates and model policies provide actionable advice alongside carefully crafted and compliant model documents.

Hub4Leaders Ltd.

Established by a former school leader, Howard Jackson, for school leadership teams. 

Howard’s experiences of being part of a senior leadership team and the issues he faced led him to setup Hub4Leaders Ltd in 2013 and develop TheSchoolBus. A service that didn't simply inform and explain the policies in Education, but provided practical advice and expert resources.

TheSchoolBus Foundation

Howard Jackson established TheSchoolBus Foundation in July 2015 as a way to give back to education. 

TheSchoolBus Foundation provides disadvantaged children and young people in mainstream education with opportunities to positively impact their lives and further advance education. The Foundation stretches their capabilities through a range of experiences they otherwise may have missed. TheSchoolBus Foundation gives grants to those organisations providing these sorts of experiences, which meet the criteria set by the charities trustees. 

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